Chief Robert F. Paoletti

Chief Robert F. Paoletti I am honored to be the Chief of Police for the City of Redding and commit to you that I will ensure the standards of this department remain high. We will continually seek to improve our performance and level of service, despite the challenges we all face.
I ask each of you to please drive safely as it is a great responsibility. The Redding Police Department will continue to work tirelessly to enforce safe driving habits, but it is ultimately a community responsibility. Safe driving prevents collisions, and the injuries they cause. Please drive the speed limit, obey traffic control devices and limit distractions while driving.
As resources have become restricted due to the economy, it becomes even more imperative for communities to communicate with the police department and each other. Neighborhood Watch and Business Watch programs are invaluable tools for bringing communities together in a concerted effort to recognize and report potential criminal conduct. Crime prevention is the key to our success at this time. We are not only challenged by reduced staffing levels, but also limited jail space and the negative effects of prison realignment. We can no longer take for granted the safety of our property. We must be diligent to keep a watchful eye for our safety and the safety of others.

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Tips to Help Prevent Theft from Vehicles

In January 2016, 30% of reported thefts from vehicles were from unlocked vehicles. For locked vehicles, 19% of reported incidents showed no evidence of forced entry. The remaining 51% of all reported thefts from vehicles were from locked vehicles where visible force was used.

It was determined in a further breakdown of reported thefts from locked vehicles where visible force was used that 86% were from broken/smashed windows ("smash and grab"). Generally, a "smash and grab" occurs when vehicles are locked but a thief still sees items inside worth stealing.


· Lock your doors – Many burglary reports we see are from unlocked vehicles. Please remember to lock your doors before walking away.

· Conceal valuables – Thieves will steal your purchases knowing those bags likely hold receipts, and then take them back into the store for a refund. Conceal those purchases BEFORE parking in the place you are leaving your vehicle.

· Park in well-lit lots – Avoid poorly-lit and secluded parking spots when possible. Thieves hate audiences.

· Record serial numbers – If you are purchasing a big-ticket item, write down or photograph the serial number after purchase. This will make it easier for law enforcement to find the suspect if he pawns the item.

Unfortunately, these tips will not prevent all thefts. If you become the victim of a theft from your vehicle, please report it by calling 530.225.4200 or by filling out our online web form found in the link below:
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