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Hours: Tuesday – Thursday, 8:00 am – 5:00 pm

777 Cypress Avenue (City Hall, Second Floor)

Investigation Units:

About the Investigations Division:

The Investigations Division is a satellite facility located in the Downtown Mall which is across Tehama Street from the main police building. The main entrance to the Investigations Division is located on the second floor and is approximately in the center of the mall.

The Investigations Division conducts follow-up criminal investigations on all felony and select misdemeanor crimes reported to the Police Department. Typically, a uniformed police officer responds to a call for service and prepares a police report which may require follow-up investigation. A Police Investigator is then assigned to conduct the follow-up, often requiring many hours of investigation before an arrest is made or a case is closed.

The Investigations Division consists of a Captain who is the Division Commander, 3 Sergeants acting as unit supervisors, 18 Investigators, 1 Community Service Officers, 1 Police Records Supervisor, 1 Records Technician, and several volunteers.

Police officers assigned to the Investigations Division are provided additional training in order to prepare them for a specific investigative assignment. Considerable cross training is required so Investigators can be temporarily assigned to any type case when additional resources are needed. The Investigations Division is comprised of units as follows:


Major Crimes Unit

Investigators assigned to this unit investigate all reports of homicide, robbery, kidnapping, and aggravated assault. They investigate some of the most demanding and challenging cases police can be involved in. Some crimes may take months or even years to fully investigate to a conclusion and bring a suspect to justice.


Sexual Assault Unit

Investigators in this unit investigate all reports of sexual assaults, including rape and sexual assaults against juveniles — which includes incest and child endangerment. Investigators in this unit work closely with Child Protective Services, DA Victim/Witness Program, Women’s Refuge, and other victim advocacy groups.


Burglary & Property Crimes Unit

Personnel in this unit investigate all residential, commercial, vehicle burglaries, and related property crimes occurring within the city. Investigators assigned to burglary work very closely with other law enforcement agencies within the county to share information about burglars working in their jurisdiction and ours. This sharing of information is critical to resolving property-theft crimes and arresting property criminals.


High Tech Crimes Unit

Investigators assigned to this unit are responsible for the forensic examination of computers and the investigation of computer-related crimes, including:

  • Computer-related crimes as designated in §502 of the Penal Code, such as major thefts, robberies and embezzlements of technology hardware, software, and intellectual property.
  • Telecommunications fraud.
  • Child pornography (§311 California Penal Code) when accomplished with a computer and/or internet usage.
  • Gray market manufacturing, sales and possession of counterfeit technology products.
  • Money laundering when accomplished with the use of a computer or electronic banking transfer.
  • Unlawful access, destruction of, or unauthorized use of private, corporate, or government computers and networks.
  • Identity theft


Gang Crime Unit

Investigators assigned to the Gang Unit investigate all gang-related and race-related (or hate) crimes. These Investigators work closely with local schools and school officers who are on campuses within the city, to assist school authorities in recognizing gang influences on campuses. Additionally, Gang Investigators participate in Shasta Anti-Gang Enforcement (SAGE). SAGE is a county-wide effort initiated by the Redding Police Department involving state, federal, and local law enforcement agencies. SAGE is a regional approach to combating the influence of gangs through education and enforcement. Due to the success of SAGE in Shasta County, the North State Anti-Gang Enforcement (NSAGE) was formed. NSAGE involves numerous law enforcement agencies in Northern California working together with the common goal of reducing gang violence. If you are aware of any gang-related activity, please call the Gang Hotline to make a report: (530) 247-GANG (4264).

Courtesy of Redding Record Searchlight

Courtesy of Redding Record Searchlight

Parole & Probation Unit

Investigators in this unit work closely with the local office of the State Parole Unit to hold local parolees accountable for terms and conditions of parole. In like manner, the Investigators work with representatives of the Shasta County Adult Probation Department to hold adult probationers to the same accountability level.



Financial Crimes Unit

The Redding Police FCU is one of the few “full-service” fraud units in any police agency on the I-5 corridor north of Sacramento. The FCU often investigates large and complex criminal schemes such as embezzlement and fraud. The FCU provides technical assistance to neighboring police agencies throughout the North State, and provides community awareness training seminars, free of charge, to members of the business, banking, and financial communities and citizen groups. Some of these seminars include prevention training against the crimes of forgery, counterfeiting, and fraud scams against the elderly.

Remember, “If it sounds too good to be true – IT IS!”


Missing Persons Unit

The Unit is responsible for tracking and following up on all runaway juveniles and missing persons reported within the City of Redding. We investigate between 600 and 800 Runaway Juvenile cases and approximately 150 Missing Person cases per year.

The Missing Persons Unit works closely with the California Department of Justice, within the California Attorney General’s Office. DOJ is responsible for keeping track of all cases of missing people throughout California, and for distributing information about missing children nationwide.

At Redding, the Missing Persons Unit also works closely with the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children, NCMEC, by providing information on missing children and assisting parents with contacting this very helpful organization.

We also work with many missing children’s foundations and groups, Law Enforcement Agencies throughout the state and the nation, Probation Officers, Foster Home providers, Group Homes, and Homeless and Runaway Shelters. Families are given assistance with contacting agencies that help to look for missing people, and we communicate frequently with them until the missing person has been located.


Narcotics Unit

The Redding Police Department conducts the majority of its narcotics investigations through participation in a county-wide Narcotics Task Force called S.I.N.T.F. (Shasta Interagency Narcotics Task Force). Task force operations are overseen by the California State Department of Justice Bureau of Narcotics Enforcement (BNE). A BNE supervisor commands the task force.

Redding Police Department participates in the task force by assigning 2 police investigators. The Shasta County Sheriff’s Office, Anderson Police Department, the California Highway Patrol, Shasta County Probation Department, State Parole Office, and District Attorney also assign officers to the joint task force.